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Weighing Up Options When Facing Cancer

My latest article on The News Hub takes a look at the issue ...
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Is There Any Way Out of Incurable?

My latest blog has been posted on a new website called The ...
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How Deeply Can Love Remove AIDS Stigma?

Stigmas of all sorts have bedevilled humanity for millennia and helped write ...

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The Healing On Angelina’s Cutting Room Floor…

Angelina Jolie has turned Laura Hillenbrand’s best-selling biography Unbroken into an inspirational movie. But could it have been even more inspiring? My latest BuzzFeed blog is called… Here is an excerpt: However, the fact remains the movie omits a very special moment – a moving healing that is a highlight of the biography on which Jolie’s film is based. Leaving this out […]

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Looking Forward To A Spiritually Prosperous 2015!

My latest blog on Linked in wishes y’all some quality time for “Looking Beyond The Fireworks To A Prosperous 2015″. Here is an excerpt: It’s as if society has become stuck in a groove with our ears repeatedly assailed by the well-meant message: “Wishing You A Happy and Prosperous New Year”. The first few times we may actually […]

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"Global Glow" by Tony Lobl

Give Yourself The Gift Of Christmas Gratitude

Picture this. You gather family and friends of all ages in a large room and ask each person to hold a single, unlit candle. Then you turn out the lights. In the darkness, you ask someone to tell you about something they’re grateful for – whether it’s another person, an event or anything else. After […]

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Giving Ourselves A Spiritual Makeover!

My latest blog has been posted on The News Hub as: How Do We Change the “Man in the Mirror”? Here is an excerpt: But it wasn’t just the power of the singing that resonated. His acapella to stadium-anthem rendition brought out the power of the message, too. I felt that deep desire “to make […]

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Illusion, Delusion and Healing…

I re-posted one of my favourite Huffington Post blogs on LinkedIn…and then realised I have never posted it to this site. So, this video (also in the blog) is a teaser!  If you want to see how I write about it, you can read the article at: Illusion, Delusion and Healing.

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Tony Lobl - Prayer That Transforms Us - YouTube - Christian Science - prayer - healing

20 MINUTE VIDEO: “Prayer that transforms us”

Here is a TED-style 19 minute video I did for the lecture series on Spiritual Solutions For Lasting Health, in Pasco, Washington.

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Tony Lobl - The invisible Principle - Your Daily Lift - Christian Science

2 MINUTE VIDEO: God: “The invisible Principle”

In case you haven’t seen it through other channels, here is my first 2 minute Your Daily Lift video, based on an idea shared in my lecture “Prayer that transforms us”, which was part of the series on Lasting Spiritual Solutions to Health.

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의료적 “종말”에 한 줄기 희망? (Is the end of the world medically nigh?)

본래 다가올 종말을 파는 비관주의자들은 종교적인 혜안이 있는 사람들이었다. 하지만 최근에는 이러한 믿음에 근거한 재난의 위협이 공포의 물결을 가져오는 대신 대담한 트위터 반응으로 홍수를 이룬다. “나는 “세상의 종말”이라는 표지판을 나르곤 했었는데, 이제는 야간조 일에 싫증난다.”고 한 코미디언은 표현한다. 하지만 종교적 최후의 날에 대한 두려움이 감소하고 있을지라도, 종말론적 세계관은 우리의 취약함을 알릴 새로운 방법, 즉 과학적 […]

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보톡스 심리에서 벗어나기 (Detox from the Botox Mentality)

“여러분의 가방은 컨베이어 벨트 B에서 찾을 수 있습니다.- 보톡스의 ‘B’입니다”. 나이 먹지 않는 것이 종종 최고의 가치로 여겨지는 천사의 도시 로스앤젤레스에 도착했을 때, 버진 아틀란틱(Virgin Atlantic) 항공의 승무원장이 던진 이 재담은 승객들의 웃음을 자아냈다. 하지만 헐리우드의 많은 스타들에게 – 또 우리들 대부분에게 – 노화의 증거를 지우는 것은, 아래의 통계가 보여주듯 단순한 농담이 아니다. 지난 해 보톡스는 […]

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Alzheimer: La profundidad curativa de la solidaridad

El cuidado de un enfermo de Alzheimer se asemeja en ocasiones a estar junto a alguien que se encuentra en otro mundo. Quizás David Bowie inconscientemente captó cierta parte de esta tristeza en su canción “Life on Mars” (Vida en Marte) con la siguiente frase: “She walks through her sunken dream” (Ella camina a través […]

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