Mutual blessings – A SATURDAY THOUGHT (plus Florida talks and radio interview)

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My (free) talk on “Prayer that transforms us” will be rolled out in Florida twice this weekend…both times at 2pm. 

Today, First Church of Christ, Scientist Ocala will be hosting the hour-long event at the Appleton Museum of Art, at 4333 E Silver Springs Blvd in Ocala (FL 34470).

On Sunday the Melbourne and Cocoa Christian Scientists are hosting the talk in the Cocoa branch church, at 235 N Indian River Dr, Cocoa (Fl 32922).

Hope to see you there if you are in the area!

In the meantime, whether you are local or not you might enjoy a very joyful (half hour) radio interview I had with Larry and Rosie at WOCA The Source Radio, accompanied by local member Tim Potter.

3 thoughts

  1. Thank you, all, for presenting CS in a non preachy way that will reach and get people interested the divine power of Love.

    “WAKE UP ON HOW TO TO CONNECT TO THAT GOODNESS AND LOVE.” I so needed this comforter in my life and wouldn’t have made it without it. But I had to claim it.

    Tony, Thank you for sharing your personal struggle with addiction and being victorious through CS. I had the same battle but with alcohol and it has been over 3 years with the help of CS and some good CS practitioners in the field. So I “get it”.

    I was also grateful for the radio announcer who saved the youth in juvenile detention center from suicide.

    Thank you God.

    “Feel the divine presence of love.”

    I plan on sharing this podcast.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL Mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Oaxaca, Mexico


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