Celebrating bold, trailblazing women! A SATURDAY THOUGHT (+ Rhode Island lecture news)

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This week the theme for International Women’s Day (#IWD2017) on March 8 is “Be Bold For Change”. In the United States, the theme for National Women’s History Month (#NWHM2017) is ““Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business”.

Men and women around the world have been benefitted every time any pioneering individual has been allowed to reach their full potential, including every woman.

In particular, Mary Baker Eddy—who wrote the words featured in today’s SATURDAY THOUGHT (No and Yes, p.45)—was a bold, trailblazing woman whose achievements in many fields have benefitted countless men and women around the world. Her ideas, and the proofs vindicating them, challenged the materialism in science, theology and medicine, and still do. And as the leader of a burgeoning Christian movement in an era when women weren’t expected to be leaders she was a pioneer in the field of walking the talk of every word she wrote and spoke…and she penned and said some pretty amazing words! Especially her words about healing through understanding the Science of the Christ, the spiritual truth—proved by Jesus—of our relationship to the Divine. (See Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.)

If you want to know more about this healer, author, leader and live within traveling range of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, I will give a one hour lecture today,  Saturday March 4, at 2pm, on “Mary Baker Eddy’s legacy: 150 years of practical spirituality”. If you can be there, please come along to the North Kingstown Free Library, 100 North Boone St., North Kingstown, RI 02952. If you can’t join us today, look out for announcements of a video recording that will appear in due course.

Here’s some more information about the talk.


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