My two Christian Science lectures.

In the spirit of gratitude for the opportunity presented to me to speak in public venues about Christian Science for three years, and in the spirit of hope that you can find healing in the ideas shared, I offer a video record of the two talks I was privileged to deliver on four continents during my three year stint as a Christian Science lecturer (2014-2016). They are each a little over one hour in length.

At the heart of the first of these two talks, “Prayer that transforms us,” is the simple message that God loves you, and that understanding and experiencing this divine Love can bring transformation and healing.

The second of the talks, “Mary Baker Eddy’s legacy: 150 years of practical spirituality,” looks at the life and ideas of Mary Baker Eddy, the woman whose ideas enabled me to discern that spiritual message of God’s healing presence and power in a Bible that I had previously turned my back on but have now learned to love.

I hope you find these ideas thought-provoking … and even healing.

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