A blessing for London – A SATURDAY THOUGHT (plus Sunday webinar)

This is a message from a letter Mary Baker Eddy wrote to a branch church in London in the early days of the Christian Science movement. The brief letter is reproduced in The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany (p. 198).

The occasion was the dedication of their “magnificent church edifice”. Mrs Eddy wrote several letters to the London branches of the Church of Christ, Scientist and to British Christian Scientists. She was aware and appreciative of the spirituality of the British people and took a keen interest in the growth of her movement on the other side of the Atlantic from Boston.

In light of the events in London this week, I am thinking of this as a blessing for the whole, global city of residents and tourists, living in and visiting what I affectionately call “the hub of the universe”.

And as Londoners said on social media…

For those of you around the country and around the world who have been praying for our fair city this week, we thank you for your love and care!

Talking of Mary Baker Eddy, Seventh Church, Houston have invited me to give a webinar talk on “Mary Baker Eddy’s legacy: 150 years of practical spirituality”, which will take place at noon Texas time, 6pm UK time, tomorrow (Sunday, March 26). The talk will last about forty minutes and then there will be another twenty minutes or so if you wish to post any questions.

If you wish to attend, you can register for free here.

For more information, please visit the events page on the website of Seventh Church, Houston, click here.

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