About Tony

Tony LoblAs a Christian Science practitioner I have a deep interest in the role spirituality can play in restoring and sustaining health – I observe it in my practice and in the world at large. I like to blog on what I am seeing. My writing on health is regularly published by the Huffington Post in the UK and The Christian Science Monitor in the USA. In addition, several pieces have been posted by the Independent in the UK, the Washington Post in the USA and others.

The Features Executive Media Bulletin recently asked me about my writing as well as posing some other fun questions. You can read the full interview here.

In addition to my published pieces, I am the media and legislative liaison for Christian Science in the UK and Eire, and in relation to the pan-European institutions.

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2 thoughts

  1. Hi Tony,

    Its been a while since we talked. I think this topic would make for an interesting discussion and it would seem Eleanor is a fellow Brit.

    This short video is on the subject of mental illness. I think it offers great insight as to how all individuals whether in the health professions or not can offer support and healing comfort to individuals who are dealing with this form of disease. It truly shows mortal mind as a house divided against itself, but also is able to rise above itself to deeper levels of understanding of just what mental health and a true sense of identity can be.


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