Truth’s tranquility – A SATURDAY THOUGHT

%22The deepest rivers...%22 by Tony Lobl - web

This week’s inclusion of a Japanese proverb is to celebrate the fact I am in The Land of the Rising Sun this weekend to give a public lecture on Christian Science.

If you are in Tokyo, or have friends there who might want to hear my talk at 1pm this Sunday afternoon (April 17), please pass along the information below. (The lecture will be translated in situ from English to Japanese. It will not be webcast or recorded.)

The title of this week’s Saturday Thought echoes a passage in Mary Baker Eddy’s writings where she contrasts the destructive culmination of “babbling brooks” to “the silent cultivation of the true idea and the quiet practice of its virtues”…which seems very Japanese to me! 

You can read the full quote by clicking here.

ありがとうございます! (Thanks!)

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