WEBINAR – Seeking (and finding) higher thoughts

%22Webinar set%22 by Tony Lobl

On the set of a webinar!

For those who viewed my webinar on “Seeking Higher Thoughts from a Higher Source” yesterday…this is an insider’s view of a webinar set-up. At least, this is how it looks in “the Hut”, which is my garden office.

If you didn’t view the talk and wish to do so, here it is:

(It’s an expansion on my 20 mins Pasco lecture which some of you will have seen.)

The lecture runs for 53 minutes and then there are some Q&A.

Thanks to the Ashland, Oregon, Christian Scientists for sponsoring this webinar. If you are in Ashland, say hello to them 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 13.02.47

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