Back to school, forever! – A SATURDAY THOUGHT

"New views" by Tony Lobl - SM
“New views” by Tony Lobl

Having watched all the freshers arriving at the University across the road from my church this week got me thinking about how going “back to school” and moving on to a new University both represent a sense of expecting continuous growth in both experience and understanding. So this SATURDAY THOUGHT is dedicated to students throughout the northern hemisphere who are returning to their studies or starting a grand new adventure at University, as a celebration of that underlying growth in experience and understanding that is spiritual, rather than material.

In that respect, it is also dedicated to the rest of us, because it is a timely reminder that each of us, whatever our age and education status, can and should keep our hearts and minds open to learning new lessons about our Source and ourselves every step of the way.

One thought

  1. Knowing that our unstoppable continual learning is directed from the highest source, divine Love, and spiritual consecration, we are assured that our lives are under the control of these totally unconditional, inevitable resources,
    and therefore, we are primed for going forward with the greatest gratitude, assurance and conviction that God is good,
    and “all things work together for good” (the Holy Bible).


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