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  1. There is a marvelous example of how aging and medically diagnosed dementia was not only stopped but totally cured with the beautifully told testimony of Joan Geier. Here is how to read it online: http://www.JSH-Online.com, “The Art of Christian Science Healing” Joan Geier, Feb 17, 2003 Sentinel. Her story is amazing in that she lovingly traces her own thought-steps in coming to the final realization that she actually was totally healed, as confirmed medically in her physician’s remarks. Her life is one of freedom and complete regeneration. I have met her and can verify my words.
    N Stewart, NYC, USA


  2. This is one of the most beautiful, helpful, well-told stories of healing I have ever read. I would love to read more of her continued progress.


    1. Hi Doni. You have put this comment on a post that is just a quote. If you can identify for me the blog you are referring to, I would be happy to try and answer your question.


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