(Almost) everything you wanted to know about healing prayer, but were afraid to ask!

"Light rays" by Tony Lobl

I’ve had a blog published by OnFaith which addresses questions people might have about prayer that heals.

It’s called: 10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Healing Prayer

Here are the ten points the blog discusses:

1. God doesn’t “hear” our prayers . . . because we don’t need Him to.

2. Prayer frees us from the limitations of materialism.

3. The restoration of harmony to mind and body evidences our spiritual nature.

4. Prayer-based healing is not positive thinking.

5. Just because prayer can be a placebo, doesn’t mean it always is.

6. To be effective, prayer needs to be more than a mind-body effect.

7. None of this means we are to blame for our illnesses.

8. Healing the body is just a part of healing prayer.

9. The Word of God can heal, but the best words won’t heal by themselves.

10. No one has a monopoly on healing prayer.

(Read the full article posted by OnFaith here….)

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