“All That Remains” – poem by Pam Overton Twiss

© Glowimages - book with a bow
“Book with a bow”

I dwelt in the pages of my life story.
It seemed impossible to change the plot
until one day when an angel whispered—
“Let it go—you cannot undo what’s gone
Live now, be free, let your spirit soar.”

But if I stood on the hill
and tore the pages
of my life story
into so many tiny pieces—
what would remain of me?

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“Girl blowing dandelion”

If the scattered fragments
lifted in the wind
and blew across the valley
like so many butterflies—
what would be true of me?

If each tiny ragged square
lost the power to hold
on record, regrets and mistakes
in unforgiving lines—
what would be said of me?

If every page gave up its ink
so that a lifetime of labels
recording lack and need and
greed were expunged—
what would emerge of me?

"Woman In Awe"
“Woman In Awe”

I took the risk. I let it go!
My soul sings to a greater power
that teaches Truth and Life and Love.
I walk my spiritual story and claim
the good in every landmark…

I am enriched, free at last to see
all my Father Mother God gives to me.

“All that remains”, by Pam Overton Twiss, was first published on Spirituality.com and is reproduced with permission.

All images © Glowimages.

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