Healed of alcohol poisoning. How?

The following example of healing prayer and explanation of how it works, was recently published as a Houston Chronicle blog  entitled “Michelle: Christian healing > No miracle > Natural”:

Many years ago, I taught Michelle in Sunday School. A few years later, when she was a teenager, she went to a party and drank until she was drunk. Friends took her to a house and left her alone for several hours. When they returned at 3:30 in the morning, they found her unconscious and not breathing. When firemen were unable to revive her, she was immediately taken to a hospital. At the hospital she was found to have alcohol poisoning and wasn’t expected to live.

When Jill, Michelle’s mom, arrived at the hospital, Michelle was comatose and on a number of life support machines. A doctor told Jill that Michelle had an alcohol content of .5 in her system.  ”At .1 you’re drunk,” he said, “.4 is usually fatal.” He also said he did not think they could save her. He stated that even if she did survive, she would suffer brain damage because of being deprived of oxygen for so long. He also stated that damage to her lungs was irreparable.

After hearing these dire predictions, Jill began to pray and called me to help with prayer. I began praying immediately and continued to do so as I drove to the hospital. When I arrived, Jill was overjoyed. Michelle had awakened from the coma and all life support systems had been removed. I was able to speak with both Michelle and her mom, Jill. As you can imagine, Michelle’s friends were also relieved. They had been feeling guilty about leaving her alone.

A doctor confirmed that Michelle was out of danger from the alcohol poisoning and that there were no signs of brain damage, but he was still extremely concerned. He expected pneumonia to set in. We all continued praying. A day later, her lungs were examined and found to be fine — no indication of pneumonia was present. Then the doctor released her with the staff calling her “the miracle girl.”

I believe, Michelle’s healing was no miracle. It was natural. There was a Science at work, spiritual laws were utilized.

Healing prayer is not positive human thinking. It is not burying ones head in the sand hoping that the wind will blow trouble away. It’s not waiting for a miracle to drop from the sky or an elusive rabbit to be pulled from a hat. There is a science or system which transforms thought, and I’ve seen this Science heal, day after day. To me, results matter. Apparently, to many others, results matter too. That’s why people all over Texas rely on this responsible, spiritual care, every day.

Ok, so how does a Bible-based, prayerful treatment heal a body?

I’ve learned in my healing practice that prayer reaches and heals the body because the essential nature of reality is thought. Although it seems otherwise, the universe is more like a gigantic thought or consciousness rather than a machine. And unlike a machine, the structure of human thought is able to change. However, God, the supreme Mind, doesn’t change. It is my concept of reality that changes.

Since the nature of reality is thought, a change of thought leads to adjustments and changes in bodies and lives. And prayer, with the power of God behind it, changes thought as nothing else can. We could say that prayer changes thought, which in turn heals and restores the body. Prayer brings thought, therefore the body, into accord with the harmony of an all-good God.

After Michelle was released by the doctor, and as she was walking out, the firemen who’d rushed her to the hospital were walking in. They’d returned to find out when she had passed away. They were overjoyed to see Michelle alive!

If I think about what Michelle’s condition looked like to her friends or the firemen who rushed her to the hospital, perhaps darkness might describe it. Yet, our prayers for Michelle didn’t ask the darkness how long it had been there, or how solid it seemed to be, or even how much momentum it’d built up. Our prayers glimpsed and acknowledged the light that removed the darkness.

The solid substance and structure of the universe is thought, God’s thought, — God seeing the brightness of His own divine being. Each humble prayer enables us to view life from God’s own perspective, to some degree.  It brings the healing Christ-light to every situation needing healing.

Yes, there is much more for all of us to learn in applying spiritual laws to our daily lives. But from what I’ve already seen in lives transformed and bodies healed, I am eager to learn more.

This was written by my Texan colleague Keith Womack.  Thanks, Keith!  His blog is regularly published by the the Houston Chronicle as Healing Now.

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