UK Blog Awards – 2016 finalist!

Thank you!

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Voting has closed in the 2016 UK Blogs Awards…and there’s good news.

Thanks to your support our blog has been shortlisted in the “company entrant” section of both the “Lifestyle” and “Health and Social Care” categories.

I so appreciate you enabling this “voice for spirituality, religion and healing” to be heard above the lively clamour and friendly rivalry of so many other ardent bloggers – thereby enabling us to touch the thoughts and often hope-starved hearts of those who are seekers after something more than “the long night of materialism” (Mary Baker Eddy).

I invite your prayer as the final approaches in late April. And in humility and love, as ever, our prayers are not that this blog should win but that every blogger’s voice, including ours, should be heard by those who will be benefitted by their message.

With loving thoughts,

Tony L.

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