Watch/listen – 150 years of practical spirituality

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What does this piano have to do with understanding the Bible?

This was among the questions answered in my recent lecture, Mary Baker Eddy’s legacy: 150 years of practical spirituality.

If you want to listen to my talk click here to view it as a Youtube video until the end of April.

Or click here to listen to the lecture as an audio podcast on the website of the sponsoring branch church – Second Church of Christ, Scientist, London.

The lecture was held on International Women’s Day 2016.

2 thoughts

  1. problems with audio and anything to do with video. But if you have a transcribed, I would love to read it and share. Many thanks for your posts.


  2. This is so outstanding that I am sending it out to many in my circle of CS and non CS for enlightenment and inspiration.

    My question pertains to its future — will it be preserved and available for future access. I see that it will end on the end of April. I would like to download it for my own use, but wanted to find out more.

    Congratulations, Tony, and Second Church, for making this most usual healing message! I am immensely grateful.


    Nan Stewart Member and Second Reader of 8th Church, New York City 202 321 4556



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