Be the melody! A SATURDAY POEM

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Musician and composer Davide Mozart London by Tony Lobl

Playing Sir Elton’s piano

by Tony Lobl

In the cacophony

Of St Pancras Station –

Gateway to Europe

And trains heading “North” –

There’s a melody

Pleasing its way

Into our heads.

Easing, its sway

Slows pacing legs

To hear a piano gifted

By the piano man himself;

Beating back

The noise of travellers

Rushing to their holidays

…like so many commuters!

Such a sweet sound

Reminds us,

When the din

Tries to define us,

What we’re created

To be –

A sweet melody,

That rises above the noise.

Melody amidst the cacophony of St Pancras Station, central London

“I wanted to be the melody, Above the noise…”

– Bono, U2, “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)”.

5 thoughts

  1. Ahhh…”Music, rhythm of head and heart” * Simply wonderful communion! Just think of how many hearts you soothed in passing and on-line. Artists have such generous hearts & appreciative audiences too…. Loving thanks, Davide.

    (*Mary Baker Eddy)

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