“Bridging the gap” – Christian Science on Muslim media (video not yet available)

Christian Science featured on a TV channel aimed at “Millions of Muslims across the UK and Europe…especially young people born in the UK”.

Tony on %22Bridging the gap%22 on Ummah TV - February 2016 - in action - Twitter

Here I am captured live in action on yesterday’s “Bridging the gap” – a weekly interfaith programme on a Blackburn-based, Sky broadcast channel called Ummah Channel. Among other things, the broadcasters aim to “act as a platform between Muslims and non-Muslims to remove misunderstandings about Islam”. 

The spirit in which they do that is indicated by the fact that the presenter of the show is not a Muslim, but an “orthodox Christian” called Phil Heaton.

With my presence on the 90 minute show the topic soon turned to healing and we had a good discussion about what that meant in our different faiths, as well as touching on several other topics. Continuing my theme of the past couple of weeks, I got a couple of opportunities to mention Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science 150 years ago, pointed to Jesus’ great faith in trusting in both the completeness of his mission and the inevitable endurance of its message, as well as clarifying the Christian Science sense of God as divine Principle.

The two guys you see on the stage with me are from a Preston-based organisation called “The Light Foundation” and it was a delight to get to know them and a couple of their colleagues who also came along, as did my Committee on Publication colleague, Jason Salisbury.

Thanks to Arfan Iqbal – on the right – for the on-screen photo, and thanks to producer Don Botham for bringing us all together!

(The broadcast was live streamed but is not currently available online.)

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