Noel Gallagher’s drug prescription?
Noel Gallagher at Razzmatazz – by snowman radio (Wikimedia Commons)

What better way for Londoners to celebrate July 4, 2015 than with one of rock music’s most independent voices?

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds will be soaring to new heights at Clapham Common’s Calling Festival on Saturday following the release of their second studio album, Chasing Yesterday.

Gallagher recently caught my attention with an interesting – and, as ever, frank – take on medication. Talking to the Daily Telegraph he listed a slew of health problems he’d been faced with and concluded: ‘Then my doctor put me on these tablets … [and] told me that if I didn’t take them I would virtually drop dead. I was taking them for months and they made me feel awful. So I quit taking them and I feel great again.’

Just one more “anecdotal” evidence that medication isn’t always the best way forward for those in need of healing. Below are a couple of videos of drug alternatives that have helped others.

1. A “singing” nurse does more than soothe the patients in his ward.

“You’ll see people request less pain medication because they have less pain,” says Jared Axen of those he serenades. He reports his patients needing less mood stabilizers, too.

Here’s a two-minute Los Angeles Times clip of Jared in action!

2. What do you reach for when the “pain button” has no effect?

While there aren’t always accomplished crooners of “old love songs and Broadway hits” on tap many, like my friend Kate, have found the healing power of divine Love is always available. She was in a hospital bed when she embarked on a spiritual journey that took her right out of the need for pain medication.

Thanks for the inspiration, Jared and Kate!

While I can’t point anyone in the direction of more “singing” nurse videos, if you want to hear more stories of Christian Science healing, please do visit the Press Room on

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