Loving your enemies = loving yourself!

"Loving your enemies" by Tony Lobl
“Loving your enemies” by Tony Lobl

My recent webinar on “Our Forgiveness Route To Freedom” is available to view until June 5: http://ow.ly/MKt5A

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  1. Thanks very much,Tony.
    Sentiment is like the recent CS Monitor of a man released from prison following wrongful detention.


  2. This charge to Love our Enemies, reminds us of the oneness we all share. And how Love lived, despite some circumstances that make that a difficult task, is the only response to take. Yesterday my son conducted a creative writer’s workshop sharing exchange, the first of this kind in this part of the world, bringing together college students of two countries that had had long enmity toward the citizens of the others’ country due to the bitter war that had been fought between them. At the end of the workshop, though there had been some tense moments at the outset, several of the students from each country had seen beyond the many years’ feelings of enmity toward those of the other country, and now were laughing together, hugging, holding hands, and so visibly joyous in this newly found way of seeing each other that they are planning for next year’s Writers Workshop Conference between their countries, and looking forward to anchoring these new friendships formed. What happened in that land, through the exchange of those creative writers, was a moment of Love triumphing over all else, and was a moment witnessed that neither my son, nor all others in that room, will forget. Yes, Loving our Enemies, or our perceived enemies, is the command we have been given, and a command we certainly can fulfill. Thank you, Tony, for posting this deeply important message for our lives. This is a charge we must all carry forward.

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