Creativity and spiritual care “for older people”

Senior woman sketching
©Glowimages – model for illustrative purposes only

Featuring speakers from three continents, the 5th International Conference on Ageing and Spirituality is to take place in Edinburgh from July 7 to  July 10, 2013.  

The conference theme is ‘Creativity, Resilience and Spiritual Care for Older People’ and the event is jointly sponsored by Faith in Older People and the Methodist Homes Association.

Continuing a series of international conferences launched in Canberra in 2000 to explore different aspects of ageing and spirituality, the 2013 Conference will attract a global audience of academics as well as “those from the UK with more practical experience through involvement in the care industry or as informal carers” as well as seniors themselves.

The programme has been designed to be of interest both to those with a faith-based approach and those approaching spirituality from a secular angle.

For further details and to book see the event website:

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