Everybody’s Story: spirituality and people with intellectual disabilities

Next week sees the official launch of the Kairos Forum and its “long-awaited research based resource: EveryBody Has a Story: Enabling communities to meet people with intellectual disabilities, and respond to their Spiritual and Religious hopes and needs.”

The Kairos Forum is described as:

Senior patient with young doctor
© Glowimages – models for illustrative purposes only

….a social enterprise which has arisen from an innovative piece of research carried out in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen. The project was a piece of participatory research within which people with intellectual disabilities have been both research partners and narrators of their stories.  EveryBody Has A Story is the resource produced from this research. We hope that it will both continue to belong to people with intellectual disabilities and make a difference to all of our lives…

The Launch will take place in London on Friday 19th April 2013.

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