Spirituality And Health And Dementia

There is a conference on Spirituality and Dementia taking place on March 15 at Stirling University.

@Glowimages BCP044-06.“There is a great uncertainly about what is meant by spiritual care and who should provide it.  There is a common assumption that it is the same as religious care and reluctance amongst many to discuss this issue with people with dementia. This event will explore evidence suggesting spiritual care lies at the heart of providing person and relationship-centered care and, as such, brings the responsibility of spiritual well-being within the remit of everyone providing support to people with dementia in their communities.”

Who is it for?

  • Those responsible for ensuring that spiritual needs are met
  • Staff supporting people with dementia and their families
  • Families, volunteers and visitors such as chaplains and faith leaders who have a particular but not exclusive contribution to make

For further details see the web page for the event.

One thought

  1. hello thank you very much for this beautiful post, do I have studied spirituality for many years and I believe many should we study it and each person would see their improvement in all aspects of his life, in my blog I explain some ways to find your way lit by


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