“Bye, Bipolar!” – Is It Possible?

From pharmaceuticals and side effects to freedom and peace. In Finding An Exit Strategy From A Mental Health Drugs Habit – posted on BuzzFeed – I share how one bipolar sufferer found a way out of the cycle of drugs and more drugs that worked for her. 

Here is an excerpt.

Right-on road sign, by Tony Lobl.
Right-on road sign, by Tony Lobl.

Are there other ways to achieve that crucial change of thought? Irving Kirsch cites a couple of self-help books that have been proved to work as well as the pill-outperforming psychotherapy for mild or moderate depression. And the Department of Health for England and Wales has just endorsed a scheme allowing doctors to prescribe such self-help books for some mental health cases, according to the Guardian.

“There is a wealth of evidence to show that prescribing such books does work, the latest being research published in the journal Plos One which showed that people who used them over a year had measurably lower levels of depression.”

The fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders points to another possibility. The American Psychiatric Association’s “mental health bible” added a diagnostic category of “Religious or Spiritual Problem”. That “marked a significant breakthrough”, according to David Lukoff, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Saybrook Graduate School…

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    1. Thanks for reading the post and for your comment. I hope this article doesn’t prompt anyone to toss their pills, but I think it offers a helpful example of someone who found a spiritual path that in time took her beyond the need for those pills and eventually brought her freedom from all the symptoms she had grown so familiar with. Her story inspired me and so I wanted to share that in this way in case it can give anyone else a sense of hope that a diagnosis doesn’t need to be forever, even when there are no quick fixes. All the best.


  1. This is great. My sister is bi-polar, but also a very sensitive human being, so I think her emotional levels are shaken really easily. It’s wonderful to read articles like these so I can pass this information along to her. It’s so frustrating to hear of all the different medications and their side-effects. It’s like there is always a down-side. There is never a down-side to books!


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