Challenging The Inevitability Of Unhealthy Twilight Years.

I have posted a new blog on BuzzFeed titled “Do You Hear the Seniors Sing? Rebelling Against Tyranny’s Aging”

It asks: Is it time to echo the stand of the freedom fighters in Les Miserables and man the (mental) barricades against the challenges of aging?

Here is an excerpt from the blog:


One of the boomer generation’s great bands, The Who, famously sang “Hope I die before I get old”. Yet Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are energetically performing that song in what should be their retirement years. Many of their contemporaries are still going strong too, with global touring schedules that undermine the assumption that aging is for the docile!

Whether or not we expect to be rocking in the aisles in our seventies and eighties, there are thought-provoking exceptions to the “rule” that says we need to resign ourselves to the inevitability of unhealthy senior years. Here are a handful of such examples….

(Click here to read more – and please note the links on BuzzFeed are currently not working, I am looking into why that should be!)

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