Scottish School of Medicine Offers Studies in Spiritual Care

In another sign of the growing interest in the relationship between spirituality and health, the University of Glasgow’s School of Medicine is offering “a new opportunity for healthcare professionals of all disciplines to study spiritual care alongside their chosen specialty or focus their studies on spiritual care and its art and practice.”

Thinkstock/Jupiterimages/ - couple in waiting room praying together

It has also developed a Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Chaplaincy “to provide professional education in spiritual and religious care for existing chaplains and those seeking to enter the profession.”

The University’s Medical School states: “Spiritual care features in the standards, capabilities and competencies frameworks of all healthcare disciplines. It is often described as being integral to healthcare practice.”

Their courses will develop knowledge, skills and competence in spiritual care:

  • Providing spiritual and religious care in healthcare
  • Professional practice in spiritual and religious care in healthcare

For further details, see “New Educational Opportunities in Spiritual Care in Health Care / Healthcare Chaplaincy”

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