A psychologist talks on spirituality and well-being

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Have you ever asked yourself “Could Spirituality be a Source of Wellbeing?”

Clinical psychologist SaraJane Aris* will “explore ideas around spirituality and the significant part it plays in our wellbeing” and the “research evidence that underpins it”.

This free event on October 25, at 6:30pm, is part of a MultiFaith Centre “Wellbeing and Spirituality Series” at Derby University.

The Centre says: “‘Wellbeing and spirituality’ are being linked together across disciplines more than ever before. NHS Trusts are embarking on programmes exploring the effects that wellbeing has on patient care, and spirituality is seen as a distinct approach to enhancing wellbeing. The Multi-Faith Centre is delighted to be able to engage with local programmes in Derby where professionals in psychology and patient-centred care are examining these issues with serious intent.”

*SaraJane Aris, is Head of Clinical Psychology Adult Services, and Head of East Midlands Regional Spirituality Network and Derbyshire Healthcare Trust at the Radbourne Unit. 

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