As Bill and Melinda fight polio with medical philanthropy – a healing remembered

Bill Gates – The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation

In setting up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft founder, and former CEO, Bill Gates has, for some years now, admirably spearheaded the recent commitment to giving by billionaires wishing/willing to have a substantial portion of their fortunes used for philanthropic purposes around the world.

His last four Tweets have been on what he refers to as “the war against polio”, which he and others are waging in good faith where the disease still presents a formidable face.

While grateful for the efforts of philanthropists and others who team up to alleviate this and other contagious conditions through medical means, it can also be inspiring to illustrate how spiritual ideas have also been applied in individual cases to address contagious conditions like polio.

In the following audio clipping, my colleague Clarissa, the Committee on Publication for Cambridgeshire, recalls her sister’s healing of polio symptoms when the disease was widely feared here in the UK. In the four-minute audio, she also shares her own quick healing of flu symptoms.

A childhood memory of polio healed, and more recent freedom from flu

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