Spirituality and health – what’s “the Connection”?

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There has been a lot of talk about evidence-based medicine over the past few decades, and that term has been exclusively applied to the scientific approach of gathering data under conditions that can be controlled and tested, especially in the lab.

The problem is that most of our lives do not conform to lab conditions, and even if all the data says that a drug or other medical treatment should work that is of no comfort, and of no use, if you are the one for whom it doesn’t work, or if – as is often the case, according to certain scientists – bias has consciously or unconsciously effected the data.

On the other hand, people whose physical problems – or deeper needs – are not successfully met by conventional means are increasingly seeking out alternative and complimentary medicines, and exploring various forms of spiritual healing.

Yet seeking evidence that healing is effective is logical and reasonable.  There is, though, another way to do it.  And that is to test and prove what works for you, as an individual.

Christian Science has worked for me for over 30 years now, and that means a lot to me since, like most people, I have had many physical ailments to meet.  This is not evidence-based medicine as defined in the natural sciences, but it sure is evidence-based medicine to me as an individual who has used it and found it effective!

Whatever your approach to spirituality and health/healing, most of us would probably agree that it should be tried and tested.  But should we only trust the testing to statistical data, no matter how well-meaning its collection, when our lives and well-being are at stake?

Most of all, laboratory data flounders when it comes to assessing the mental factors involved in cases, especially the spiritual factors.  Until and unless these can be properly taken into account, results will leave a lot to be desired, even when sought and found with the utmost sincerity and without conscious bias.

In the area of healthcare, as in the arena of religion, proselytizing is as unattractive as it is uncivil, and this blog is not about changing anyone’s minds on what healthcare they prefer…

But it will fly the flag for intelligent consideration of the mental – especially spiritual – dimension of cure and care, as well as noting some of the medical profession’s own discussion about the limits of its possibilities.  And the blog welcomes vigorous – as long as civil and respectful! – debate on the issues it raises.

“Consciousness constructs a better body when faith in matter has been conquered.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.)

Comments can be vigorous, but respectful!

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