Former anarchist is 100 year-old “fully engaged” healer

If you think that was just an attention-getting headline, you are partly right. I couldn’t resist!

However, it is also true.  On Monday evening, on the Progressive Radio Network’s “A Better World” show (in the USA), – hosted by Mitchell Jay Rabin – an interview with centenarian pianist, and Christian Scientist, Lillian Schwabe was introduced in the following way:

Having studied piano at age 7 with the famous Russian composer Leo Ornstein, and later at the Adamant Music school in a special class of 12 New Yorkers. She entered at NYU at age 16 to study English with the famous Thomas Wolfe. She studied piano with Edwine Behre, and others, consummating in a recital at one of the stages at Carnegie 1947. In 1922 she became a founding member of Megegan Colony, an anarchist community north of New York City who were International Workers of the World. Lillian now lives in Greenwich Village and works full time as a Christian Science Practitioner. Fully engaged and continuing to significantly contribute to the world, Lillian turns 101 on August 10. Today’s show will focus on the power, art and science of Christian Science as a healing modality and a way of life.

A recent Better World newsletter included the following interesting comment:

Mary Baker Eddy

Our belief systems are being challenged across the board, which is why this week’s shows are, from this point of view, particularly interesting.  Lillian Schwabe, at age 100 is as nimble as she may have been at less than half her age, and more than most at half her age.  In Christian Science, drugs, surgery, radiation, not even nutrition are the bases of the healing.  The mind, heart and soul are united in faith, in imagery in commitment to health and God’s will for healing. 

How interesting! and it has worked countless times at this point, since Mary Baker Eddy came up with it in the late 19th century.  So talk about belief systems changing or a paradigm shift occurring.  Can you imagine if millions of people believed and practiced this, what would happen to our healthcare system?!  Want to change things?  Change your beliefs.

Congratulations to Lilian for being such an example of a life-practice that enables her to be unhampered by ageing…an example which might itself be described as putting a bit of an anarchistic cat among the pigeons of materialistic assumptions. 

As they would say in America…”Go, Lilian!”

4 thoughts

  1. Lillian was my friend, my practition, my mentor, my teacher…My love.. Lillian was a trip. Lillian had a date with someone almost every night. She dressed to the hilt. She was sharp as a tack…relentless in Turth. Going to her Office was visiting the Christ. It didn’t matter whether we talked or I painted her nails or massaged her feet…I always left more uplifted and enlightened. Lillian saved my life when I didn’t even know I needed saving…Up until the very end last year on May 22, 2012, she was conscious. She picked her moment on her own. She made a conscious decision to step out of this life into a new experience…Lillian got “it”. She was an example of what is possible…


  2. I don’t think she stopped being an anarchist, albeit might have become less active for that cause simply because Christian Science became her focus. Anarchism is a set of political beliefs that espouses voluntary, non-hierarchical self-governed societies/institutions that are not weighed down by oppresive, authoritarian power structures. “Anarchy” has become a misunderstood concept in popular culture as being violent, chaotic, every-man-for-himself, de-centralized facism. As Christain Scientists, we can empathize with this misunderstanding, as many people also completely misunderstand Christian Science. I think it’s deceptive to indicate that Lillian was “healed” of being an anarchist.


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