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What’s The Key To Transforming Ourselves?

Hoarding less stuff in less space can lead to more happiness. That’s the view of writer and designer Graham Hill in a thought-provoking TED talkthat has attracted over 2.3 million views. Hill has walked the talk of his minimalism. He room-tested his claims by moving into a 420 sq ft Manhattan apartment, ingeniously and beautifully custom-designed […]

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Do Sleepless Nights Have To Be Restless?

My latest blog has been posted on the new website called The News Hub. The article is a spiritual response to the idea that this month is “Stresstember” in the Northern Hemisphere, and that leads to sleeplessness, which leads to more stress. Hence, the article, as published, is called “As “Stresstember” Looms – Is A New Bed The Only Answer […]

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A Spiritual Answer To The Stress Of Caring

Stress is not a new concept, but we live in an age which is constantly creating fresh varieties of angst to add to our mental in-tray. Caring doesn’t sound like it should be one of those in-tray items. Helping family, friends and strangers can often be uplifting. But when we become ‘carers’ and the demands […]

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8 Pointers To A Less Stressed Christmas

We have had a last-minute Christmas blog published on the Huffington Post UK. The title speaks for itself! It is called 8 Spiritual Gifts to Give Yourself for a Less Stressful Christmas. Whether you have time to read it or not as you finalise preparations for Christmas and then partake in the festivities, I certainly […]

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Spirituality And The Stresses Of Today

  Stress is not a new concept, but we live in an age which is constantly creating fresh varieties of angst to add to our mental in-tray. Unsurprisingly, new technology and one of its central planks – the ubiquitous email – seem to be prime culprits. Last year the curator of the TED videos, Chris Anderson, launched […]

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Stress-Busters 101 – How to Take Control!

The following blog, by my Florida colleague Bob Clark, was first published as Choosing Health Research shows that stress is a leading cause of serious health problems. When confronted with stress and the health problems it may cause, do we have any choice in the matter? The Mayo Clinic’s website, in an article titled, Stress management, […]

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Stress – no need to be a victim

Today’s blog is by Assistant District Manager Melvyn Howe Life seems filled with stress – being a student, high pressured careers, changing jobs, moving house, troubled marriages, not to forget such daily banes as sardine-like commutes and unrelenting traffic. Stress management therapies abound, including one that even recommends eating chocolate! There are also structured yoga […]

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